Success Stories

Bez is one of the best humans I’ve met. He’s incredibly kind, acknowledges inequities in the world and understands that different people have different realities. I’ve been with Bez in two spaces

1. As my life coach working on building a life outside of my work – expanding my world, friendships, joy and how I identify (I don’t have to be the constantly active doer in my social life, I can just be).

2. As a participant in Games 4 Geeks events/sessions. I’ve never felt comfortable playing games because I’m scared of not getting it right, making a fool of myself.. we use games a lot in my work in leadership, liberation and strategy and part of it is all about what to do when you don’t understand or know all the rules, when you’re not sure what to do.. there’s a lot of ego, fear and perfectionism leaders have when approaching play and strategy. Bez works in a way that makes you forget those fears and just ease into the game. He sets up game play in a way that gives you just enough information to get started but enough unknowns for you to work things out for yourself, learn from others and just play.

I’d work with him again in a second and am always looking for ways to bring into leadership development programs. Work with him. You’ll love every second of it, will learn a lot about yourself and you’ll do it in a space that feels safe enough to fail and have fun.

Shiva Roofeh